Atom Wave: September 2006

Atom Wave

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Scent of Oil and Uranium

As you may be aware, Iran has been enriching uranium lately in complete disregard of the United Nations. With an attitude worthy to make many U.N officials blush, Iran has stated that it intends to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. It is also widely believed that Iran is developing nuclear weapons to fulfill its long ambition of vaporizing Israel.
It is of no matter if Iran splits matter. It will just reduce the dirty work of our efforts to undermine the country if they do the work for us. The tale of nuclear energy is radioactive with stories of catastrophe, near accidents, and injuries. One fantastic disaster being the near destruction of North Carolina in 1961 following the breakup of a B-52 in flight and the release of a high-yield Mark 39 weapon that nearly exploded. Let us not forget the explosion of Chernobyl in 1986 that reduced the city to a toxic wasteland.
Besides, we in the United States would ruin the country in nuclear fire if they ever did attack our allies or ourselves. The people of Iran understand that, which is why Iran’s defiance ought to be of minor concern: They after all covert these technologies for the same motivation, mutually assured destruction.
If we still insist on reconciling Iran’s defiance, than the sanctions must acknowledge our own dependency on the country. The country is after all a significant producer of oil, and any credible sanctions would remove their assets from the marketplace. With the tight market available today and the political costs, it is unlikely that our government would be willing to shoulder the burdens of such sanctions.