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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Smoking President

The Last Thing America Needs Is Another President

The Onion

The Last Thing America Needs Is Another President

For as long as I can remember, this country has gotten itself all worked up every four years or so trying to pick just the right person to be in...

You know, I was reading the Onion lately. It is the only reliable news source still around today. I came across this opinion piece by Randall Everson and I must admit that he may be onto something. He was rambling about how the United States would be better off without a President, and he is probably right.
American presidents have nearly always molested our great nation more than they have guided it.
George W. Bush can’t even fight a respectable war. When we have unchecked terrorists and untapped oil at stake, he deludes himself into founding democracy in a country that clearly does not want it.
Than there was Bill Clinton, an otherwise respectable man. He just couldn’t keep his secrets. If Bill Clinton could not keep his affair with Lewinsky secret, how could we count on him to keep our national secrets?
George H. W. Bush is a decent man no doubt. He practically won the first Gulf War. He showed Saddam that he meant business, and brought it home with smart bombs on Baghdad. He just couldn’t show the economy that he meant business.
Finally Ronald Reagan, our last president of the Cold War. He got our men back from Iran, and only for a modest exchange of arms. If only we couldn’t count on other presidents to have that sort of vision. If only he had understood economics better than to not leave our country heavily in the red by the time he left office.


Anonymous Mr. Black said...

You are the man Darkstar! You said it better than the Onion.

8:50 PM  

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