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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fighting The System

As you know, the new-year is a time for new resolutions and for some of us, new taxes. Now I have never had a love for taxes, unless they are fair and serve some tangible purpose. The new Twin’s Stadium tax that just took effect here in Minnesota represent a new low from our “so called” leaders. Now I don’t always agree with David Drake but he is undeniably right about this matter. It is not the business of private citizens to subsidize private business.
That is why I am offering a modest proposal to my fellow Minnesota citizens that are tired of being molested by our alleged political leaders that in many cases we would be better off without.

Number one: Avoid purchasing taxable items in Hennepin County. Now I know that this is difficult if you live here, but it is worthwhile for high priced items. Certainly our friends at some online stores can sell you many goods at comparable prices and to the exclusion of local sales taxes.

Number two: Write your politicians and unkindly remind them that terrible things could happen to their reelection dreams if the project is not destroyed. You don’t need to be kind; they betrayed us by letting the Twin’s steal from our wallet to build their stadium. It will only take a few minutes of your time.
Minnesota State Legislature

I will assume that some of you will do nothing about this outrage. Remember this, you can fight the system and win; every singe time that you say no!


Anonymous David Drake said...

Dark, thanks for the mention.

I guess we have a taxpayer subsidized Viking's stadium in this legislative session to fight against.

Stay in touch.

5:11 PM  

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