Atom Wave: Catch-22

Atom Wave

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


One of the qualities of this democracy is that the vote of the citizen always counts; you just can never count on your politician. Nine months ago the voters of this country decided that they wanted the Democrats to change the course of the war in Iraq, and that day remains to be seen. Instead they spend their time in Congress debating the merits of giving the troops more time off between their shifts in the war.
Meanwhile the violence in Iraq continues, with millions of people fleeing the country in search of safety. Nearly 4000 troops are known dead, and many times more are seriously injured. It is also suspected that over half a million Iraqis have died these past four years as the civil war continues unabated. Meanwhile contractors like Blackwater are profiting off the nearly 1 trillion dollars spent so far. The President remains confident that victory is within reach.


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