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Sunday, February 17, 2008

And Now For A Word

This is my second fan fiction story in the Battlestar Galactica series. It is certainly more dark and twisted then my previous, and may even be on par to something that their writers could come up with. It is compressed to a news story since I don't have the time to write a full novel on the idea. I am already writing my own novel based on my own ideas, but it is still far from finished.

Rising Star Network News

Following the destruction of the Battlestar Galactica two weeks ago by Cylon forces, and the announcement from President Laura Roslin that she has secured safe passage to Earth; we here at Rising Star News Network have been given the opportunity to sit down and interview the President aboard Colonial One.

“Now you have come over considerable criticism over your recent decision to ally with cylon forces, some people have even branded you a traitor. Do you have a response to any of these criticisms?” inquired the male reporter.

“The job of the Presidency is never easy, and I know that many consider what I have done to be wrong. The decision weighs on me as heavy as stone, but what I did I thought needed be done. Two months ago I received word from the cylon model we know as Starbuck that the cylons were well aware of the location of Earth, and they had been for some time. She told me that the Centurions were on the cusp of a civil war with their humanoid masters, but before everything broke down they wanted our help.”

“Tell me about this civil war,” asked the reporter checking his microphone.

“Certainly Daniel. Four years have elapsed since the nuking of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, as many of you are aware. Since that time we have lost over three thousand five hundred and thirty seven people on New Caprica and the Cloud 9 liner bombing. Also within that time the Centurions have suffered twice the loses, and many have not downloaded due to shortages of resurrection ships. Worse still they are furious that they have no say in their government, and that they are no more then expendable hardware for their humanoid masters.”

“Why do the Centurions need our help? Sources say that they have far more warships then we had at the peak of the Twelve Colonies,” said Dan slightly confrontationally.

“Number one, most of those ships are under the direct authority of the humanoid cylons. The Centurions couldn’t use them if they wanted to. Number two, the Centurions are well aware that they would be quickly destroyed given as the humanoid models almost certainly know their weak spots. The Centurions needed an ace in the hole, and they found it with the us. Their spies learned of our failed attempt to infect them with a disease, and they wanted to use it to wipe out the humanoid models in a large show of force.”

“How did you come to be in contact with the Centurions in the first place?”

“After speaking with Admiral Adama about the matter, he said that he would not allow it over his dead body. I’m sorry that it came to that,” said Roslin wiping away a tear.

“Knowing that I could not contact the Centurions directly, I arranged to have Gaius Baltar discreetly communicate with one formally held in the Galactica brig. I also arranged for it to come into the possession of a compact thermite explosive. When the fleet again got involved in another strife with the cylons, it escaped and deliberately allowed itself to be killed. Then three weeks ago, I received a simple one-word message from deep space, “yes!”

“That still does not explain how easily the Centurions destroyed the Galactica, after years of failure!” said the reporter skeptically.

“It was actually much easier than anyone suspected. I casually inquired to Felix Gaeta about the matter. It seems that the Galactica had a little known flaw in its liquid Tylium reactor, which will cause a runaway fission reaction of the metastable element if superheated. All this was required was a well-placed nuke on the reactor service hatch just behind the port side hanger deck,” said the President heavily.

“We have footage of that from the starship Gemini of the event,” said the reporter as the screen switched to a missile impacting the Galactica followed by a blinding light. The vessel emerged from the blast largely intact, before a firecracker series of explosions fragmented the ship a minute later.

“That day will forever weigh heavily on me, but it was necessary for the Centurion alliance. They have already replaced the ship with two Basestars,” said the President pointing to one of the obsolete double triangular ships looming just outside Colonial One.

“As part of the deal, we have supplied them with the antidote to the disease. They will get the disease itself on arrival to Earth. Baltar is manufacturing the virus and will deliver it once we arrive at Earth,” said the President still upset over the destruction of the Galactica.

“You are taking a terrible risk, negotiating with the cylons is like making friends with a Tiger! Sooner or later they will bite!” said the reporter clearly anxious.

“We will learn soon enough. Centurion 6 recently sent a signal to me that the fleet is two jumps away from Earth. They are running the calculations for the next jump right now. The decision was mine and mine alone, and I will bear its burden until the end of my days,” said the President reclining in her chair.


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