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Friday, January 12, 2007

Celebrity Bliss

As it would be, I was recently in New York City visiting my family over the holidays. Walking the streets of the city, it reminded me that one of my most adored musical genre’s originated here, hip hop. It would be magnificent to be a rap star or something like that. The pay is excellent and you get to pick your jobs, and work only a few months of the year. That would be awesome, just look at comedians like Stephen Colbert. Than I remembered the rest of the deal, that part about the paparazzi always being on your tail and if not than your fans. It would be enough to make someone feel like a fugitive.
Now I am all for making people feel like fugitives, as long as they really are one. This whole paparazzi scheme and celebrity stalking has been overdone, and it is time to call an armistice with our favorite friends. (as claimed by the IMDB). Call it an incentive for them to create better music, television shows, and movies. Actually, that is misguided. Where will they get their practice? Some rap stars and actors play villains, and will need the practice to get their parts right. Only being stalked by your fans daily will bring out the real anger needed to turn them into the stone cold killer for that part in the next movie.
On second thought, being a celebrity may be more trouble than it is worth. Best to be left to the experts, or those who don’t mind being stalked every time they leave their home for a box of candy.
Don’t get me wrong; there are undisclosed celebrities out there that I appreciate, but I can’t deny that I probably couldn’t name most of them on a bet even if I did see them on the street, train, or airplane.


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