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Monday, October 15, 2007

Headline News

Lets see how far we’ve come. News began as spoken word, before transforming into the newspaper over four centuries ago. Over a century ago, radio became the new form of communications. Starting over seventy years ago, the television first emerged and with it broadcast news. Over a decade and a half ago, the Internet as we know it developed with the first ISPs and the news quickly followed.
Today the newspaper is dissolving into obscurity. Radio and television are losing viewers to the web, and anyone with a computer can publish and podcast. The mega corporations are controlling most of the outlets and making news more political and entertaining. It is no longer even relevant news, pundits are arguing over non-issues such as MoveOn’s Petraeus ad and Obama’s absent flag pin. Al Gore is getting smeared for winning a Nobel Prize. I believe the world is crumbling to the ground. Once we fall to a nation of fools, the rest of the country can’t be far behind.


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