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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rumors of Pinnacle

The prospect of nuclear war seems remote in this age, a relic of the Cold War. Unfortunately, the nightmare that we thought had finally left us may be aiming for a sequel. Rumors have recently come to light that Israel may be planning a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities using American supplied bunker buster bombs .
It is undeniable that this age is proving to be a tight squeeze for the nation of Israel. Between 2001 and 2006, the country has been involved in two bloody strife’s. The first being the Al-Aqsa Intifada that involved a long series of suicide bombs detonating within Israel and the recent war with Lebanon.
To only make matters worse, Iranian President Ahmadinejad has been saying recently how swell it would be to destroy Israel. Plus he has his own nuclear program in development to build a nuclear bomb in cynical disregard of the United Nations.
Zev Chafets of the Los Angeles Times said that maybe Israel should respond by blasting Iran’s facilities, a mistake. Once the lightning strikes, it would thunder as a battle cry across the Middle East. Assuming that they were even successful in their raid, Iran almost certainly would retaliate with full-scale war to avenge the unprovoked attack. Along with many of its Arab neighbors once they got whiff of the actual and political fallout. It would be the battle cry to solidify Iran’s anti-Israeli position across the region for generations to come. Besides, the facilities would just be rebuilt within a few years and the process would begin anew.
Israel could instead bide its time with Iran. They are at least a few years away from constructing their first atomic bomb. Better to wait and see if it can be resolved by other means. Regrettably, that opens the window for Iran to launch a pre-emptive strike of its own at a future date.
Each of the two extremes presents great risks to Israel. Either scenario could very well witness its end, or at least leave it very diminished along with much of the Middle East after the dust settled.
There is a middle road; Israel should launch a full-scale effort of covert sabotage. Better to operate in the shadows beneath the world’s view. You get to pick your targets of opportunity over time instead of a desperate all-out nuclear strike. A few well-placed bombs over time can be as crippling as a nuclear strike with the right choice of assets. Why do you think they use guided bombs today instead of carpet-bombing? All that is needed is the patience and skill to see the project out, one thing that I am sure the Israeli’s can handle.


Anonymous Miss Maxwell said...

I don't know Darkstar. It would be kinda cool to see some nuclear mushroom clouds in the news.

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