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Monday, May 26, 2008

City of Ads

You ever see these commercials on television, advertising drugs or insurance or some damn thing? What the hell is going on here? Some smuck wants me to believe that I have high cholesterol and that I may be only moments away from my death. Or what about those insurance ads that claim that they will unbiasly sell me the best value for my policy?
Grow up people! Who buys this shit?
You know the worst part of all this is that I can’t get any rest. Watch some television, ads. Listen to the radio, some more ads. Surf the web; a few more ads float across the screen. It’s insulting the level of stupidity that they will sink to to sell me something that I don’t want.
Now I try not to get too involved with these ads, because I think that they degrade the people who are involved with them. Honestly, if you want to sell me something than don’t treat me like a child. This drug is clinically proven. Sure, by who? Some sleazy lab in China. Ask your doctor about this drug. Why, so you can sell me some drug that I probably don’t need?
What is wrong with people that they actually buy this crap?
Talk to you later.


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