Atom Wave: Rage Against The Democrats

Atom Wave

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rage Against The Democrats

The democrats have been seriously pissing me off lately. Ever since (and before) they gained a marginal lead in the Presidential race they have been behaving like the usual laws of Democracy don’t apply to them.

Can you believe that the Democrats, lost in the haze of their egotistical clerical rules, are still refusing to count the votes of the voters in Florida and Michigan? After the gangster party in the 2000 Florida election, you’d think that they would have learned their lesson. No, they still insist on shafting the people who voted in good faith.

Then there are the super delegates, fascists really. All they do is decide which candidate to vote for and they are accountable to no one, not even the voters from their own state. They also control one-fifth of the delegates for the coming convention. Fuck them, our democracy can do better than that.

Obama has no trouble with this clusterfuck, and Clinton does not have the clout to undo it. I might just stay home this coming November.


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