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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Space Madness

The inevitable conclusion of the space shuttle program spiraled one parsec closer to satisfaction today with the official announcement by NASA of the schedule for their eight remaining shuttle flights. After that, the shuttle will go into a big sleep and no American astronaut will fly on a Yankee rocket for at least half a decade. By the end of the next decade, people might walk on the Moon again. Once that party is over, it is possible that the United States will depart for Mars.
It is there that insanity lies!
Now I know that humans are a resilient species, but even we have our limits. Using conventional technology, any flight to Mars would take at least six months. Once you arrive, due to orbital mechanics; you can’t leave for another two years. Add on another six months for the return, and we are talking about three plus years of severe isolation. It would be plenty to drive most people mad.

Number 5 from the classic "Ren & Stimpy: Space Madness".

They think I’m crazy!


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