Atom Wave: Geoengineering Hubris

Atom Wave

Friday, August 22, 2008

Geoengineering Hubris

The Earth is dying! With each drive and flight humanity inches one day closer to its day of reckoning in the fire once the oil is gone and the atmosphere is a furnace. Aware of the coming apocalypse, the fine people of Discovery have endeavored with Project Earth, a series of alternative energy and weather manipulation schemes to offset global warning. The theories are wide, from launching trillions of lenses into space to deflect solar energy to seeding dying forests with air dropped canisters of tree seedlings.

Now I don’t want my meaning to be lost or misconstrued, but the prospect of geoengineering is problematic for me. History is a long story of new technologies producing unintended consequences, from the persistent hassles of plastic waste to the unending problem of orbital debris from the space program. At best, these solutions if they work should only be used for stopgap measures. Sooner or later, humanity will have to make its peace with the Earth or perish.


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