Atom Wave: The Grand Quantum Computer Scam?

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Grand Quantum Computer Scam?

Last year the Canadian company D-Wave announced the successful testing of a new quantum computer in Mountain View, California. With the announcement came the promise from Geordie Rose, the company founder, that the computer would be operational and commercially available by this time this year.
But the operational workings of this machine remain shrouded in mystery, much to the rage of scientists. D-Wave has withheld all but the simplest details behind the design of the machine, except for some theoretical work and that it runs on a superconducting niobium chip chilled in liquid helium down to minus 273 degrees Celsius.
It might be true, or the greatest computer scam in history! Without independent confirmation, any claim can be made. By the way, I have a warp core in my closet and I fly to work everyday on the back of a Dragon.
One of the wicked things about quantum computers is that they should vastly accelerate computing speeds, a feat not yet demonstrated by D-Wave. Want to read the e-mail of the Kremlin? Or model the detonation of a white dwarf star? Forget about it, the best that the Orion seems capable of is functioning as a slow analog computer. Despite these failures, the company still has the blessing of some venture capitalist and NASA.


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