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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bad Day

Yesterday a terrible tragedy struck the University of Virginia Tech; a lone gunman roamed the school and killed 31 people over three hours before turning the weapon on his foul self. At the very least 15 people were also injured by the gunman, and fortunately they should recover physically. The recovery of the nation remains to be seen, and I suspect that many years from now we will still be repressing the memory until one day our car breaks down and we lose it.
The dark tale began at West Ambler Johnston Hall at about 7:15 in the morning when the sick bastard (Cho Seung Hui) killed Ryan Clark and than began roaming the hall until he found his ex-girlfriend Emily Hilscher and murdered her.
After word the police and University officials closed off the dorm and began investigating the shooting. At first content that it was an isolated event, they only issued an e-mail warning to the staff and students. 20 minutes later they issued a second e-mail warning of a gunman being lose on the campus.
Tragedy returned at about 9:45 in Norris Hall when Hui chained the doors shut and resumed shooting. He shot people execution style in the hallways and four classrooms. In panic, students and faculty barricaded themselves in rooms or jumped from windows on the second floor where most of the slaughter occurred. To call the attack brutal would be an understatement, he shot his victims three or more times. Finally at this point Police were swarming the building, and Hui did himself in to no loss to the rest of us.
In memory of the victims (Not Hui), please take a moment of silence to remember them today. Nobody deserves such a cruel death, but we can rejoice in that they are no longer suffering. May they rest in peace.


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