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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Necessity of Philosophy

AtomWave News Corp
Special Feature
The Necessity of Philosophy

AtomWave News Corp is pleased to present its first debate on the topic of philosophy. This debate will feature Darkstar. Since very few people are qualified to debate Darkstar without ending up in an asylum convinced that black is yellow and yellow is black and killed at the next railroad crossing; Darkstar will be debating himself.

Darkstar: Many would consider philosophy to be obsolete in this age. With science now capable of building Space Shuttles, Quark-Gluon Plasma, along with many other curiosities it would no longer seem necessary. That is a serious error at any level. The study of philosophy reaches far beyond science; in fact it is the father of science. Sir Issac Newton’s book “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” was considered philosophy at the time of its publishing. Years went by and the motion of planets matured into the definite science of Astronomy.

Darkstar: Sorry, I was watching Trading Places. Philosophy is swell if you have the time, but this age is a much different game. Science has matured into a mind-binding subdivision of legitimate subjects. Astrophysics, Engineering, Biology, Microbiology, Computers, Psychology, and just about anything else you could imagine. Sure, philosophy is a way to pass the time, but its not going to help me build a new missile. Remember, we are at war!

Darkstar: Without philosophy, people will have no food for the mind. Undeniable is the human need for food, but without knowledge their minds will suffer. Without philosophy to examine the mind and its many prejudices, people will be forever trapped in their own assumptions and common sense. It is useful to have social norms and traditions, but only as long as they are productive. Philosophy will always be needed to inquire which assumptions and traditions are false and destined for the metaphorical scrap heap.

Darkstar: Now listen here Darkstar; that is wrong! Normally I would dismiss your questionable judgment, but you have me in a corner. Ignorance is bliss! Look at this cigar; it might kill me someday. Actually a lot of things might kill me someday, that isn’t the point. We would not leave the house if we considered every risk in our pathetic lives. Besides, we have those traditions for a reason. Without them we would all be out on the streets going at each other with a baseball bat.

Darkstar: Philosophy will always be needed to examine life. An unexamined life is an unnecessary life. Life is reduced to only the definite and the obvious, without any opportunities for further growth. Philosophy is useful for more than just a precursor to science. Remember Plato and the Cave?

Darkstar: Life is short Darkstar; try to enjoy it. Visit California, skydive, send-up a high-powered rocket. You will live longer.

Darkstar: I debate you and you add on this piece of crap. You are a damn poor debater.

Darkstar: You and your damn standards, get over it.

Darkstar: This is not going to be published, damn it. It’s not going to be published.

Darkstar: Alright!Alright! This will never be released.


Anonymous Jeremy K. said...

I disagree completely Darkstar. Ignorance is bliss.

9:09 AM  

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