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Atom Wave

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Political Wheel of Fire

In another testament to the fact that there is no realm free from the pervasive elements of politics, some conservatives are now moving to argue that the tenants of Darwin evolution support the ideology of their philosophy. With the Republican Party now even more eager to demonstrate to the public that they are a “big tent” party following their defeat last year and the upcoming presidential election, they can’t afford to swagger about out of touch. After all, not everyone subscribes to the notion that God created the world in seven days and that Jesus died for our sins. On the flip side, some conservatives would steam at the ethically neutral materialistic world of science where the philosophy with stem cell research is the more the merrier. Leading the charge is Larry Arnhart whom is a political science professor at the Northern Illinois University of DeKalb. His argument is that the flawed imperfect world of Darwin’s humanity explains traditional family values and the rest of their stuff.
One thing about this argument is that you can’t have it just one way. If evolution supports conservatism, than why not liberalism? Why stop there, libertarianism could also be argued on that premise. If you truly buy the argument, than we might as well live in communist Russia.
One constant about politics is that it is a corrupting influence. Once you start cherry picking evidence for your cause, the evidence can no longer be trusted. It is better to argue your cause on its own merits or not at all.


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