Atom Wave: The Great Patriotic Fraud

Atom Wave

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Great Patriotic Fraud

With the election of America’s next President now two months away, you will without suspicion be hearing ads skeptical of Barak Obama’s patriotism or McCain’s national security credentials. Now I try not to get too involved in politics, because I know that it is a travesty of leadership. No one ever gets elected without a good con job. Their newest and oldest con job is the cache all of patriotism! Does Barak Obama have the courage to deal with Iran? Is McCain in the know about all the threats to the United States from Russia? This is bullshit people! I don’t know how long these people have been inbreeding.
One of the perks of the United States Presidency is that you are the most protected person on planet Earth! When you have the entire secret service and military protecting you, you never really have to put anything on the line.
It gets better people? Any answer to almost any question is just a phone call away! When you have all of government intelligence behind you, you never have to worry about not being in the know.
Politics is all about the exercise of shallow perception, and anyone who buys into this is just as shallow. You ought to be in the know by now.


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