Atom Wave: The Swift-Boating of Obama

Atom Wave

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Swift-Boating of Obama

With the election now less then two months away, a horrific realization is now dawning on the democrats. They might actually lose the presidential election. With the war still raging in Iraq, and the economy in the tailspin, it has all been lost to the public now more concerned with the phony claim that Obama wants sex education for kindergartners, or that he sexually smeared McCain’s selection of Palin. All of these are fabrications, of course. Obama wanted to educate children about sex offenders and the sexual remark was taken out of context.
Unfortunate as it is, these devices work. During the 2004 election, the imaginary claims manufactured by the Swift-Boaters discredited John Kerry’s service in Vietnam. 4 years earlier then that, John McCain himself was defeated in the primaries from fake rumors involving an African child he was accused of fathering. This is the dirty climate of modern American politics.
At the risk of sounding crude, the time has arrived for the democrats to reply fire with fire. When an inattentive public has worn the tools of reason dull, the weapons of misplaced passion might spike them back into action. It should come as no surprise to of all people, Obama; that many voters are ruled by passions. Passions for change are what fueled Obama’s rise to the nomination, and he will need every last ounce of power to cross the finish line. It may at first seem dishonest and cold-blooded, and it is at that. When the option of losing comes to a soldier on the battlefield, he either dies or uses every last weapon in his arsenal. Barak Obama must soon decide if he wants to pull out all the stops or return to the senate next year.


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