Atom Wave: The Great American Ransom

Atom Wave

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Great American Ransom

By the way, you are now the proud owner of private debt. With the passing of the new Economic Stabilization Act, Congress and the White House have now unveiled an all-new economic theory, the no-risk game. The days are now gone when wealthy venture capitalist had to worry about their fortunes should the market collapse. The recent economic crisis showed that all they need do is take the country hostage until the $800 billion dollar ransom is paid. Screw you Bin Laden; America has beaten you again! I always figured that someday we would catch Al Qaeda’s masters for their day of reckoning, but right now I’d be content with these investment bankers finding new accommodations in Guantanamo Bay prison. This will be remembered as the largest bank heist in history, and the largest acquisition ever of junk. Do you think that they would want taxpayers to buy it if the private sector considered it to be worth something?
Congress can still do the right thing and charge these people higher capital gains taxes to cover this clusterfuck, but don’t hold your breath. They will do what they always do at the end of the party, leave the rest of us with the check.


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