Atom Wave: The End of The World

Atom Wave

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The End of The World

You shouldn’t be here. You’re in trouble! The American economy is now in recession, and the global economy can’t be far behind. Like with all catastrophes, there will be political consequences for the United States and abroad. Already in America, the Republican Party that has long been in power and is at least in part the arsonist of this fire with its deregulation doctrine, is suffering a severe backlash. If you’re lucky, that will be the least of your worries. If you’re unlucky, then it is the end of the world.
It is said that those who forget history, aren’t historians. The last global recession of the 1930’s, destabilized entire governments and set the stage for World War 2. Desperation has a way of doing that to people. Today a conflict on this scale would be settled much more quickly, and at the service end of a bomb.


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