Atom Wave: Fortune Teller

Atom Wave

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fortune Teller

I believe that the economy is crumbing to the ground! With the global economy in its present downward spiral, we may all be at each others throats fighting over road kill in the coming years. Need more money? Today a new buffoon is born every second, and many Americans don’t know the difference between real science and pseudoscience. One repeating anomaly that refuses to die is the ongoing something for nothing, the free energy machine. You don’t even need to commit any actual fraud, let the police get involved. Just visit your local hardware store and assemble some semi-functional device out of spare parts, write a vague description over its operation using scientific terms, and publish your results on the Internet. Once you have a few people hooked you can begin lobbying for research money, and release some new results every few months or so. This machine can bend gravity! To cover your ass, always patent your device and not as a perpetual motion machine. Those patent people can be sort of funny about the laws of thermal dynamics. In the end you will probably get away with it, and perhaps even a shade richer.


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