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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Disgusting Cell Phone Incident

You’re not going to believe this! Recently in Pennsylvania, three teenage girls and three boys were arrested and charged with child pornography. Judging by that blank stare on your face, you may be asking how children can be charged with child pornography. You know, I wondered that too. It seems that these criminals deliberately stripped themselves naked, photographed themselves, and sent the photos to friends. These hardened criminals have already been charged with manufacturing and possessing child pornography. The photos were uncovered after their phones were seized at school.
Now this isn’t an Onion story, nor is it an isolated incident! In Florida, two teenagers were arrested after their e-mail revealed photos of themselves engaging in the kind of hot steamy activities that would give you an instant boner. No one said how police learned of the contents of the e-mail.
Now I always figured that teenage extracurricular activities were their own business, there are some things that you just don’t want to know! It seems that that is no longer the case, should they take a photo.
Know I’m not a lawyer, but I do believe that the constitution gives each American a right to privacy, yes-even children. In Pennsylvania, the schoolteacher searched the seized phone and found the disgusting racy photographs. Now I’m old school, anyone wanting to search my phone would need a warrant, otherwise the only way they would get it would be from my cold dead hands! Since the teacher was clearly not a police officer with probable cause, he (Mr. Garrison) had no business with the phone anyway. His lack of experience with the force really should be no excuse, remember those peeping tom laws?
Staying on the issue of privacy, it has long been known that children don’t have the same legal rights of adults. They can’t vote, they can’t drink (but plenty do), and they can’t take a bullet for Uncle Sam. Add sharing nude photos of yourself to the list. Any adult would never face a day in court for similar actions, so why kids. This stinks of a double standard. Since these children are being tried as felons, very adult crimes; it isn’t unreasonable that they should be treated to the same legal standard of adults, in this case no crime at all.
One of the recurring arguments against this is that once they photograph themselves, the material will inevitably reach the Internet. My only response to that is that it would be punishment enough.
What’s next, are teens going to be arrested for masturbation?


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