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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Enduring Jokes

One of the enduring jokes of American politics is the continuing need of our politicians to write new laws after each new tragedy. Take Minnesota, only a few weeks ago several teenage girls were fired after being accused of physically and sexually abusing helpless nursing home residents under their care in Montevideo. The Local Prosecutors are already working on charges against them. Today our legislators are busy writing new laws to combat this, including requiring remote cameras and tighter penalties for abusers. Somehow I feel completely confident. We all know that once an activity becomes illegal, people give it up! People have been sexually abusing other people long before politicians devolved from the species and they will continue to until the bitter end. Should the leaders of our dumb world have any real intelligence, they would be attacking the root causes of the abuse. Perhaps funding the development of psychology tests to weed out the people most likely to abuse during the application process.


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