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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Immaculate Publishing Machine

The world has changed. Where once authors had to endure the torture of getting their book picked up by a publisher and after many months or years finally released to bookstores where you might buy it, yeah thanks! And as if that wasn’t painful enough, maybe you’d earn a dollar from the sale of a $15 book. Good luck at ever becoming the next Tom Clancy or Dan Brown.
The invention of the podcast has changed the equation. Assuming that you have a decent voice and a quiet space, and maybe even some sound editing tools you can make a half-decent podcast of your novel. Now I know what you’re thinking, “asshole, nobody pays for podcasts!” While that is true, people will pay for an enhanced version of your book should they like it. This is marketing 101; you always give your customer a free sample to draw them in, and after that they might buy more.
In publishing, this field has already been tried and proven by Podiobooks. It’s not just proven, it’s awesome. The first son of a bitch to pull it off is Scott Sigler, whom has not only written books like Nocturnal that grab you by the balls from the very beginning, but are now on the New York Times bestselling list.


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