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Friday, February 27, 2009

Justice and other Jokes

Don’t expect any sort of new philosophy on this post, no scientific insights. I’m not into that right now. I may not be Batman, but I do have a sense of justice. One well-known secret of the American justice system is that it’s a joke. It frequently victimizes the very people that it is intended to protect.
Take Hale Demar, an upscale homeowner in Wilmette, a wealthy suburb of Chicago. Sometime back during the Christmas of 2003, a burglar broke into his house and received more than he bargained for. Hale, in the simple act of self-defense, shot him. While the burglar was recovering, Hale also received more than he bargained for. You see, the city of Wilmette bans guns, and the local prosecutor was stupid enough to prosecute.
As if that isn’t already fucked up, it is just the beginning. In 2005, Chicago police officer Michael Mette was attacked by 20-year old college student Jake Gothard while attending his brother’s birthday party at his home in Iowa. After being struck three times by Gothard, Mette responded with one firm punch knocking out Gothard. What did officer Mette get for his trouble? He was arrested and convicted of felony assault.
Now I’m old school, should someone attack you and you respond in kind, then you should get a get-out-of-jail free card, except for extraordinary circumstances. You can be sure that there will always be some guy out there who decides to use his own form of vengeance. Instead of simply shooting the burglar, say that some guy decides that it would be fun to drag him down to the basement and torture him for hours.


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