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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Montauk's Demon

This is a story about some really fucked up events. If you think about it, it all makes sense in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of way. Consider for a moment that our government knows how to manipulate time and send soldiers backward and forward in time in some sort of device reminiscent of Total Recall. It allegedly occurred back in the early 1980’s. You see, so the story goes the Philadelphia Experiment was a relative success, and it shot a warship and crew forward in time to 1983 in hyperspace. Following those events, our government with the aid of aliens built a literal time machine that incorporated a person with psychic powers to physically manufacture some sort of wormhole to shot people backwards and forwards through time. They even used the wormholes to explore Mars. This allegedly all occurred in Long Island, New York in what now lives in legend as the Montauk Project.
But this story isn’t about the Montauk Project. It might be about time travel? Is this a story about time travel? Will you answer yes?
What if we could run some experiment to test if the Montauk Project really did screw with time? What if anything could you learn from the experiment? You see, that is the real question. David Wolpert of the NASA Ames Research Center wondered that too. You see, anytime you run an experiment you inevitably have to mess with a physical system. Your test device and by extension you, affect the system. By the Quantum many-universes theory of Everett, multiple quantites exist for multiple universes beyond which the test device can measure. This goes back to Laplace’s demon in Thermodynamics, but it is more general. The demon must predict an answer for a future of many possibilities. Will the universe be one where the answer to the question is yes? The cache is that he and you are a part of the universe, so that in a sense you can never really know.


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