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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Faith Depletion

I know that I’m not going to earn any popularity points for this, but I have completely given up on having any faith whatsoever. I am confident that some people might not like that, but screw them. All the things that they taught us are nothing but lies, and all the things that they offered us was nothing but bribes. The more you consider it, the more absurd it becomes. I only need to begin with Christianity, but it could be any faith.
Jesus, who is God but also the son of God came to Earth to die for your sins so that God will let you into heaven. Make up your mind! Then there is that whole thing about the Earth being created in 7 days. When did God create time? It is all so absurd; it gives me a headache trying to make sense of what people believe. I’m not actually a Christian, up until recently I was just hanging on as an Agnostic.
I’m not writing this in any expectation of getting anything from you, I neither expect it nor want it. The time has just come where I need to draw my line in the sands. Where once I saw faith, all I see today is the result of a deranged imagination.


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