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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Prophecy at the End of Time

Since the beginning of time, leaders and prophets have screamed about the coming end times. Since we are still here, you don’t need to take the predictions too seriously. Plenty of people do, it never ends.
As recently as 1990, Peter Ruckman predicted that the Rapture would take the believers to heaven. In 1985 Arnold Murry predicted that the war of Armageddon on June 8, 1985. I don’t need to bore you; it is a very long list.
Is there any truth than to prophecy? Or is just nothing more than a guess? Anyone familiar with mathematics and probability knows that there is a finite probability that anything will happen. Anything! You could spontaneously turn into a ball of fire as bright as the sun. That jet that your riding on right now could spontaneously materialize somewhere in deep space. It is very unlikely, but not strictly impossible. Science is all about the laws of averages, freak events still happen.
It is plausible that the prophets have been right all the time. You have just been in the wrong world. Remember the physicist, Everett. Back in the 1950’s, he wrote the Quantum many worlds theorem. It says that in a Quantum Mechanical sense, everything always happens. Everything, as long as it is a possible state for a Quantum particle. Again, this will be a very long list.
Maybe the prophets got it right. Probability demands that everything will happen, sooner or later! Diving into theoretical physics, it is accepted in some circles that the universe has more than three dimensions. It isn’t completely unreasonable to assume that maybe in some dimension, time is nonlinear. Some people have learned how to see beyond linear time.
In the end, prophecy is a guess that comes true.


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