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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, it’s over. The Galactica has been destroyed. Starbuck has walked off in to the sunset. Lee Adama (Apollo) is probably setting back with a good beer right now. Still, now that it’s over I’m disappointed. Sure, Battlestar Galactica was a great series, with drama and plot elements that you don’t often see on television. Despite all that, I think that they blew their last episode.
Now, if you have already seen it, than stay. If not, well I won’t give away any major spoilers.
It was my opinion that the finale "Daybreak” was a failure. It didn’t in any way live up to the Miniseries or the first season. By now, you probably know that they embarked on a suicide mission to rescue Hera from the Cylon colony orbiting the black hole. Despite the fact that the Galactica was already being held together by duct tape, they still survived a royal ass beating from the colonies defenses, a collision, and somehow one final jump with the Galactica not flying apart. It was a very brute force fight, very Hollywood without their usual innovative strategies. I truly expected that the Galactica should have died at the colony, and most likely it would have. I also felt that they also should have had much more political backlash, I mean with the admiral and certainly the XO literally being in bed with the Cylons. They only nuked the Twelve Colonies four years ago, so I find it hard to believe that the survivors would not have been more than happy to shove a knife in their backs when they boarded Galactica. Where were the followers of Gaeta? After all, you kill a patriot and you make him a martyr. Finally, I felt that when they colonized Earth it was just too easy. Why did they have no problems establishing agriculture and cities, which takes time and effort? By all rights they would probably fight over their remaining food stocks until they had a steady harvest. With the Galactica now obsolete, some may have given the admiral the finger and formed splinter groups.
Anyway, it was a happy ending. Very unbelievable, and even more absurd if you consider what a fragmented colony remained of the survivors.


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