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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Star Trek (2009) and the Attack of the Star Wars Clone

I swear to you, if you haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie; then please for the loves of God don’t. I don’t mean to be crude, but Abrams raped Star Trek. It was a Star Trek movie sure, but only in name. George Lucas might recognize the plot much better, with its Star Wars clones.
To begin, the character re-imaginations were comical. While I do recall the original Kirk to be insubordinate on occasion, the new one was on acid. Starfleet must have been on acid for giving him the keys to the new Enterprise. That whole thing about cadets being the only people qualified to protect Earth, is very cheesy. Chekhov’s seemed to be mocking the original, with his forced Russian accent. Scotty just looked to be more absent-minded then the original, and McCoy just strangely caring. I will give it to them; they nailed Spock. As for Nero, he was pathetic excuse for a villain, the cliché man in need of revenge.
The plot is complete nonsense; with a madmen in a Death Star like starship seeking revenge for something that hasn’t happened yet. His weapon of choice is red matter, which will ignite into a black hole singularity. It is total bullshit, by any stretch of science and even by Star Trek standards. Abrams also ignored all earlier Star Trek prologue; by making the Enterprise new, destroying the Vulcan home world, and pushing up the introduction of the Klingons. Even by Star Trek standards, their military tactics sucked. Fire all weapons! Did a junior high kid write this script? No offense intended the under high school club.
Finally, where was the philosophy? Every movie minus one written to date had some point to it. You can be more than your past (Nemesis). Revenge can drive you to your death (First Contact). This movie had neither, or any. It was just action all the way, which is fine if that is what your in to.


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